Industrial Design Lawyers in Nigeria

Industrial design registration in Nigeria can protect any combination of shape, configuration, ornamentation, or pattern that, in a finished product, appeals to and is judged solely by the eye. At a high level, the difference between industrial designs and patents is one of “form versus function.” Industrial designs are not concerned with functionality, but rather with the visual aspects of a product.

In Nigeria, an applicant may secure industrial design rights by applying to register their industrial design with the Patents and Designs Registry of the Nigerian Industrial Property Office.

Registering an industrial design gives the registrant the exclusive right to stop others from making, selling, and importing an article that embodies the registered design, or a substantially similar design, for commercial purposes in Nigeria.

In addition to exclusive rights in the marketplace, a registered industrial design may also be an inherently valuable asset. A well-regarded, recognizable design can attract investors, who may be drawn to the design’s exclusivity. As well, registered industrial designs can be sold, transferred, or used as security for a loan. In this manner, registered industrial designs can be useful revenue tools.

Industrial Design Lawyers in Nigeria

At Aspire Solicitors, we frequently help clients through the complex process of registering industrial designs in Nigeria. Our lawyers provide advisory on issues around protecting industrial designs in Nigeria. We can help prepare your application and provide assistance with obtaining design protection in Nigeria.

Aspire Solicitors also provides expert legal services to enforce our clients’ ownership in registered designs. You can rely on our team of lawyers to enforce your registered industrial design rights in Nigeria.

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