Kenneth Uzo

Kenneth understands the strategic value of intellectual property and possesses a keen ability to grasp technical details. Kenneth works with clients to assert and enforce their intellectual property rights and resolve associated disputes in the manner that best supports their business objectives in Nigeria. His practice encompasses patent, trademark, and copyright matters. Kenneth assists clients […]

Obioma Roberts

Obioma pursues a career in law to help innovators protect and commercialize their IP business assets in an increasingly knowledge-based economy. Obioma understands the importance of not only generating new and innovative creations, but also identifying value-generating IP and leveraging a business’s assets to attract investors, generate revenue and grow one’s business. Obioma’s practice encompasses […]

Onyekachi David

Onyekachi provides legal services in trademark and patent law, copyright law, entertainment law, and IP litigation. He provides advice on brand development and protection at all stages of the branding process. Specifically, he conducts and obtains trademark clearance searches in Nigeria, provides registrability opinions, and devises tailored offensive and defensive brand strategies for our clients, […]